Learn about our Refund Policy

We have a complete customer centric refund policy. We always do the best for our clients while protecting the community and the health of our business.
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Our Refund Policy Explained

In a nutshell, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee
Customer satisfaction is our only beacon
If you are not satisfied for whatever reason with our service, you can request a 100% refund of your money. No explanation necessary!
Refunds must be requested within 7 days of purchase
The only requirement is that the refund petition is notified to us within the first seven (7) days since the purchase. This helps our business avoid accounting and taxation problems.
In case of card fraud or similar, no time limit applies
In case of stolen cards and other types of fraud, we refund the money without any time limitation. Just send us all of the details. There is therefore no need in these type of cases to carry out a chargeback through the bank, as the result will be the same but with an unnecessary penalty for us.
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How does the refund process work?

Request a Refund through our form
Get in touch with us through the contact page with your details to let us know that you want a refund.

Within seven days you can request it without specifying a reason. Fraud cases do not have a time limit, but please send us all the details.
Review & issue
the refund
We will review your case and the details of your payment. If everything looks good, we will confirm you that we have issued the refund through email.

We usually carry out the reviewal within one (1) business day. Sometimes we need additional information. In that case, we will get in touch with you first.
Your bank deposits
the money
The bank will refund your money back into your account within approximately ten (10) business days. The exact timing depends on your bank’s processes. Be patient!

If you haven’t received the refund after that time, please contact our team again.
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Get in touch with us for refund requests or inquiries

In order to contact us, go to our contact page below, where you will find the different methods to get in touch. We strive to answer fast.
Go to Contact Page
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“Ensuring that everybody has a good experience is paramount for us. That is why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. But doing it is costly for us. Please use it wisely and only when you truly feel it is deserved. Thank you!”
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The BrainTesting Team

We do NOT have subscriptions.

If you think it is us, first check if it is our charge
To ascertain if a bank charge comes from us, you can look at the bank statement. Our bank statement descriptor is “IQ brain-testing.org”. Sometimes we use the shortened version “IQ TEST BT”. If you see a different title for the charge, it is not from us. Before June 2023 we used the descriptor "IQ PROFESSIONAL TEST".
We only offer one-time payments
BrainTesting does not offer any subscription-based product. All of our products and services are one-time payments. If you have been charged through a subscription method, this must have been through another website unrelated to us
Some IQ sites hide subscriptions
Unfortunately, some websites hide subscriptions in small letter. They use dark-patterns in their designs to trick you into buying a subscription that was warned but difficult to detect. We do not do this!
Let us know the culprit to alert Google
If you discover any kind of website committing this fraud or any other type, get in touch with us so that we can talk about it with Google. Tricking users is, in our opinion, not legal. For example, you can check in CNN the latest suit by the US Federal Trade Commission against Amazon for tricking users into signing up for Prime using dark patterns.