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Most famous people have never taken an IQ Test. But through our comprehensive analysis of their lives we can predict their IQs.

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the famous
Most famous people have a very interesting life story. We review it fully in our fun articles with an eye on using that later as data for our IQ prediction.
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Thanks to the thorough review of the life story of the famous person and to our vast knowledge about intelligence, we can make a very good prediction of the IQ of the famous person.
Straightforward truthful
Many websites state the IQ scores of many famous people as if they had done an IQ test when they have not. We on the contrary acknowledge that we do not know for sure and try to make an accurate guess.

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With our comprehensive list of famous persons, you can find many of your favorite famous and compare yourself.
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FAQs about the IQs of the famous

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Are the IQs of the famous real or verified?
We do not know the exact IQ scored in an IQ test of nearly any of the most famous people around the world. It is very likely that some of them have tried some online test for fun or even done a personal test with a psychologist, but probably did it anonymously. So we try to build a prediction based on data.
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Why does it make sense to predict their IQs?
Science has proven that success and IQ are highly correlated. We can use this proven tenet to predict IQ based on the successes of each person, even if with some degree of error. To do that, we review the person’s life to learn about their achievements, failures and learnings. Coupled with our knowledge of IQ testing, it enables us to make sound predictions.
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What are your sources and who are your authors?
We have two types of articles. The first type are the articles written by a person who is member of our content team. In that case the article is based on a variety of sources such as books and news articles. The second type of article is the ones written by artificial intelligence, that use the sources they have been trained on, and which are later reviewed by our team before publishing. You can see at the top of the article if the author is a person or is “BrainTesting AI”.

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