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Easily obtain your IQ Certificate!

Obtain an official certificate from BrainTesting that you can use to prove your score to anyone that requests it.

It will be in PDF format and contain your IQ score and your name and surname. Use it anywhere.

IQ Certificate sample that you can obtain with our intelligence test.

We are based on Harvard's prof. Cattell research

Our IQ Test is based on research and work from Harvard University professor Raymond Cattell, one of the most prominent psychologists of the last century.

Our test is an evolution of his first proposal of a "Culture Free Intelligence Test"  to measure the raw potential of the mind, without taking into account "acquired knowledge and skill... different from intelligence".
Prof. Cattell from Harvard - IQ Tests
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Compare your intelligence and see where you stand

Bell Curve of intelligence.
  • Intelligence score is done with the famous Bell Curve.  
  • Most people have a 100 score, that's why the curve reaches its top in the middle, where the 100 score is.
  • Fewer people are in the extremes. Geniuses are rare :)

Am I brighter than what % of people?

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