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We foresee a future where understanding people profoundly and enjoying highly effective psychotherapy enables everyone to live happier and more fulfilling lives


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To unlock our vision by creating a powerful and accessible psychological evaluation software platform that promotes successful personal development through self-awareness and facilitates evidence-based therapy


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BrainTesting is a pretty young endeavor. Started a few years ago, we are growing fast our team in order to tackle our complex mission.
2020, December
One day during the stay-at-home times of the pandemic, an IQ test ad caught our eye. We tried the online IQ test with motivation, but had a negative experience.

After some meditation about the need for a good psychological evaluation platform, we decide it is time to fight for building one. So we started researching IQ tests and preparing a better and more accurate alternative than the ones available.
2021, August
Half a year later, we are ready for our premiere. We launch the first version of our website, brain-testing.org, with a simple IQ test based on the Culture-Free tests of R. Cattell. We receive good feedback and hence decide to continue working on the project and improving it.
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2022, July
Once our basic test was ready and thanks to the feedback of our users, we are able to launch some nice new features. We are specially proud of the launch of our IQ Report, that contains important statistical explanations of the results and interesting intelligence content.

In its premium version, it even allows to learn about all the answers and see where someone got it wrong. That helps the person understand its mistakes and improve for other occasions, or in general develop their reasoning skills.
Answers Sample of IQ Test Full Report
2023, January
When we started, a very basic version was developed. But for us, design is paramount and that is why we decided to improve our user experience revamping completely our design system. The new system is enabling us to create more cohesive experiences through our site. An example is our recent new version of our Home page.
Home braintesting v2


We are looking forward to launching improved versions of our IQ test with more and better questions, the possibility of practicing and many other interesting features. Stay tuned!

We make users happy with awesome psychological software. We try hard every day.

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Trustpilot Review by Missfitz, June 29, 2023
"Not what I expected!

Found it incredibly tricky and doubted my logic, but did surprisingly well. When reading the full report had a full on facepalm as the answers I'd got wrong were totally obvious️.

Interesting, but I do find the charge for the certificate and answers a little bit steep - however it utterly hooked in to my dogged determination to understand where I'd gone wrong 😂"
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How to get in touch with us

You may want to contact us for different reasons. Whatever it may be, you can do it through our contact page.
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Who is behind BrainTesting?
“Hello! My name is Aaron, and I am the founder of BrainTesting.

With experience both as a therapy patient and also being myself a graduated psychologist, I have learnt that there is a huge gap between the scientifically-proven psychological evaluation instruments that exist nowadays and their current use.

The main reason, I discovered, is that there is a lack of appropriate technology that makes it easy and manageable to deliver and score the different tests.

BrainTesting was started with a first goal, delivering quality online intelligence evaluation. But long term, we have a broader and more ambitious mission. Developing the psychological evaluation platform that the world needs.

This is only the beginning!”
BrainTesting CEO
Aaron Rodilla,
CEO & Founder,
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Our Values

Community first, profits last
The impact we have in the community is for us more important than anything else. It is the reason we wake up every morning. Our real beacon.
Give back and collaborate
Our success is only possible thanks to many partners and a community that created the conditions to make it possible. We try to give back in different ways. Specially by collaborating with psychological researchers.
Our Team
is our DNA
We pursue our mission balancing what is best for the team. We take every decision carefully assessing how it impacts our team. Only with a healthy DNA will we achieve our goal and scale successfully.
Since born,
a risk-taking company
Founding our company was in itself taking a risk. To achieve our greatest potential, we promote a risk-taking culture that accepts failure and grows from it.
Positive affirmative action
We believe in a world of equal opportunities regardless of appearance, gender, country of origin, color or any other social characteristic. We know a lot needs to be done. So we take affirmative action to level out the playing field in our daily work.
Security & Privacy
are our core
We deal with sensitive information like personal and psychological data. We are very aware of this and take it very seriously to adopt all the appropriate measures to protect the data.
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Would you like to join us?

We are always looking for the best talent to join our mission to create powerful psychological software.

If you find it appealing, check our career page for open positions or present a proactive application.
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Our Locations

Our company’s HQ are located in Barcelona, but thanks to our remote work policy we organize across three hubs with teammates all over the world.
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