Let's solve any doubts (FAQ)

This section responds the most frequently asked questions. We hope they help  and we are more than happy to receive other questions through our contact page.

When will I receive my Certificate? if thas fjkasldfjsñlafjlaskfjlñasjfñlasdlñfjldsñfjlñajfñlajdñlfjslaflsadñlfjaslñfjasñdfj
Why haven’t I received my Certificate?
How long takes to do the test?
Which parts does the test have?
Why more than one answer seems valid?
Can I know the correct answers to the test?
Which IQ scale do you use (SD & Mean)?
What does my IQ score mean?
Why does my score differ from other IQ tests I have done?
Do you have a money-back guarantee?
Which payment methods can I use to pay?
Why is the fee charged in my bank different than expected?
If the price is in USD, can I pay with my local currency?
Is this test free?
How long is my test or personal data stored?
Can I access my test results at a later time?
Where can I learn about your legal terms and policies?