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Accurate IQ Test with a comprehensive evaluation

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Three parts: Series, Differences & Matrices
Each part tests a different ability of fluid intelligence. That way the test can be far more precise computing your exact IQ score.
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Average duration of
15 minutes
Every section is time-boxed to 10 minutes. So go as fast as you can, but with a balanced approach. Mistakes don't sum and later questions will be more difficult.
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Questions with growing difficulty
The questions will get harder the closer you are to the end of the section. Do not panic when it gets too complicated. Just try your best guess. Intuition is more powerful than you think.

IQ Test online, yes, but with top support!

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Personal support by real psychologists
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Top-notch customer service
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100% satisfaction guarantee
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Full privacy & ownership of results

We offer an IQ Test based 100% on science and 0% bullshit

Professor Cattell from Harvard University
Prof. Cattell from
Harvard University
Non-inflated real scores
There are many non-professional websites that will sell you fake genius results to make you happy. We ain’t one of them.
Culture-free, no biases
Our test focuses on fluid intelligence, which is a strong IQ predictor and is not influenced by culture or learning.
Originated from rock-solid science
Our test is based on science from Harvard University Professor R. Cattell, whose test has been widely researched.

Everything you wished for an IQ Test

your intelligence
Find out your exact IQ and IQ range. Or break down your score by test sections with a powerful complete statistical analysis. Compare with other people with percentiles, IQ ranges and position your score in the Bell Curve.
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IQ Test Report Sample
Sample of Explained Answers
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your intelligence
Learn from the correct answers to every question. A careful explanation helps to improve your reasoning. You will develop your crystallized intelligence and increase chances of performing better at future tests.
your intelligence
Receive a personal certificate with your IQ Score. Show to familiy, firends or anyone your capacity. Plus with an optional URL for your results, it will be easier than ever to share them.
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IQ Certificate Sample
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Frequently Asked

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Is the test FREE?
You can start the test for free and enjoy mostly the whole experience without having to pay a penny. This way you can experience for yourself how much you like the test and meditate whether we are worth your purchase. At the end of the test only, is when you need to decide if you want to purchase any of our reports. You won’t regret doing it.
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Do you store payment card details?
We never store your payment card details. We use Stripe for handling payments which is the most secure payments platform that exists and is used by many of the most famous internet companies such as Netflix or
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Are scores accurate and real?
Our scores are real, and you can verify it yourself by buying our report with all the answers explained. The affirmation holds as long as you do not cheat. Also, take into account that our test evaluates solely fluid intelligence. If you want to be super precise, you need a test that evaluates all the different abilities of intelligence according to the Cattell-Horn-Carroll theory (CHC-model), the most validated intelligence model at the present.

For such a case, search a psychologist nearby who administers the Wechsler Intelligence Scale in person. But be warned, it will be expensive and time-consuming.

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