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Aaron Parres

Intern Psychologist specialized in clinical and CBT psychology.

Welcome! I am the main reviewer of all our editorial content. My love for psychology stems from my childhood. Early on, when I was in high school I had the great opportunity of studying basic psychology as an optional subject in my last year before university. I never expected to be so attracted to this subject. Our minds are intricate and complex in ways we can not even grasp. That and the ways it determines how we behave is what captivated me.

Tons of hours reading psychology books convinced me that studying a university degree at Spain's National Distance University was the right choice for me. Since then I have had the opportunity to study thoroughly many different areas of psychology such as Cognitive & Behavioral Psychology, Personality, Learning, Memory, Neuroscience, Psychopharmacology or Psychometrics among many others.

Currently, I am an intern clinical psychologist. With this site it is my hope that our content team can reach to many people explaining the most complex psychology topics in ways that are fun and very enriching. We hope you love it and feel free to reach us anytime through our contact page.

How can you contact me?

Shoot me an email to [email protected]

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